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What I'm looking for in 2024...

As we step into 2024, my gaze is fixed on the horizon, anticipating the twists and turns that might shape the real estate landscape in Glastonbury and beyond. Here are the three key aspects I'm keeping a watchful eye on this year:

  1. The Interest Rate Conundrum: The heartbeat of real estate, interest rates, plays a pivotal role in influencing home-buying decisions. As we navigate through the year, I'm closely monitoring the trajectory of interest rates. Will they continue their dance of fluctuations, or will we witness a stabilizing trend? The answer holds significance for both aspiring homebuyers and current homeowners, impacting affordability and market dynamics.

  2. Inventory Ebb and Flow: Ah, the eternal dance of supply and demand. In 2023, we experienced a nuanced market with incredibly low inventory. Now, I'm intrigued to witness whether 2024 brings about a shift. Will we see a surge in homes hitting the market - finally! - providing more options for buyers? Alternatively, will inventory remain a prized commodity, sustaining the competitive nature of the real estate arena and keeping more buyers on the sidelines?

  3. Election Ripples on Migration Patterns: The upcoming election always introduces an element of uncertainty, and its influence extends beyond the political realm into the real estate market. I'm curious to observe how the election impacts migration patterns and will this shift trigger population movement, influencing the flow of individuals and families to and from our beloved town and state?

These three factors intertwine to create the intricate tapestry of our local real estate landscape. The intersection of interest rates, inventory dynamics, and election-induced migration patterns will undoubtedly shape the experiences of buyers, sellers, and residents alike. As the year unfolds, I'll be here, diligently tracking these elements and sharing insights into the evolving story of Glastonbury's real estate journey in 2024.

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